Our Story

Red Ant is a Technical Agency in Sydney, Australia. We specialise in building web apps and platforms in Ruby, and we've been doing this kind of thing and running profitably as an agency for a bit over 22 years. Yes really!

One thing we do know about running an agency for so long is that you need to know the status of all your projects all the time and you need to be able to predict how they will land.

We built this tool to help us do that.

We've tried quite a few things before developing this tool - spreadsheets, tools, more Agile, less Agile, more documentation etc etc. Many of these gave the impression of control - so much data and dashboards - but rarely got us to the level of confidence that we were after.

So this tool isn't the final answer. But for us it's been a big step along the path to getting a better idea of tracking and costs. We'll keep on making it better, and appreciate any feedback or observations - it might have a different role to play in your agency and we are keen to see how you adapt it to your needs.

We really hope that you enjoy the insight and predictive features of this tool. Our aim is to help smooth out the planning so you can focus on creating truly brilliant work.

We hope this tool can help you feel back in control, confident and actually able to enjoy this little endeavor we call agency life!